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Candy Welch LMT

Candy Colley Welch LMT, BCTMB, CPT,    Lic# LA8485

Candy Colley Welch is a National Board Certified, Louisiana State Licensed Massage Therapist and ACE Certified Personal Trainer. Named 2017s Northshore's Best Massage Therapist by Sophisticated Women's magazine. She graduated from Delta College in Covington, LA in 2016 where she is currently teaching massage therapy. Certified in Orthopedic Massage, Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner and Student of Healing Touch. Candy encourages her clients to be active participants in their healing process. As a licensed practitioner, she brings balance & well-being to mind & body through therapeutic touch and exercise. Candy offers in-studio massage at Focus Massage & Wellness inside Covington Massage Clinic

Certifications & CEs

December 2015     American Red Cross                     Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

July 2016              RockTape                                    FMT (16 hours)

December 2016     LABMT                                        Licensed Massage Therapist

December 2016     ACE Fitness                                 Personal Training Certification

October 2018        American Red Cross                     Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

November 2016    American Heart Association          CPR First Aid

March 2017          ICTA                                          Certified Cupping Therapist (24 hours)

May 2017             AMTA-Kathy Lee                           Business Ethics (3 hours)

May 2017             AMTA-Kristie Waltrip                    Thai (12 hours)

June 2017             John Barnes MFR                         Myofascial Release Pelvic (20 hours)

March 2018          Ace Massage Cupping Annie G.  Intro to cupping (12 hours)

November 2018    ACE Fitness                               Weight Management Specialist

February 2019       AMTA James W.                        Integrated MTOM Lower (16 hours)

May 2019             Upledger                                     CST1 (24 hours)

September 2019    Upledger                                     CST2 (24 hours)

December 2019     Upledger                                     SER1 (24 hours)

February 2020       AMTA James W                        Integrated MTOM Upper (16 hours)

May 2020             Upledger                                     CST1 (2 day)

May 2020             ACE Fitness                              Functional Training Specialist

August 2020          Upledger                                     CST1 Virtual class

August 2020          James W.                                 Nerve Compression Patterns 

February 2021       James W.                                 Kinetic Chain Patterns

March 2021          Upledger                                  SomatoEmotional Release Technique MIP

July 2021              James W.                                 Orthopedic Massage 5 day Intensive

January 2022        Upledger                                     CST1

August 2022          Lynn & Ann Teachworth             Fund. of Fascial Therapy (6hrs)

August 2022          Jarrod C. Fritz                          Intro to Sports

August 2022          Matthew Gavzy                       Pre/Post Surgical Precautions 

November 2022     ACE Fitness                             Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

January 2023         Healing Beyond Borders           Foundations of Healing Touch

March 2023           Freedom From Pain Inst.            Myoskeletal Alignment Technique

March 2023           Barbara Landry                       Lymphatic Drainage Movement

June 2023              Trager                                    Trager Mentastics

August 2023          Whitney Lowe                         Upper Extremity Neurodynamics

August 2023           Lynn & Ann Teachworth           Massage Strategies for Pain Management

August 2023           Kerry D'ambrogio                   Lymphatic Balancing


October 2019                     AMTA Meritorious Award

2017                                 Sophisticated Women’s Magazine Northshore’s best

January 2023                     NCBTMB Certification


AMTA Conventions

July 2015                            AMTA LA Chapter                            Baton Rouge, LA

May 2017                           AMTA LA Chapter                            Lafayette, LA

September 2017                  AMTA National                                  Pasadena, CA

March 2018                        AMTA LA Chapter                            Covington, LA

August 2018                       AMTA National                                  Washington DC

February 2019                    AMTA LA Chapter                            Baton Rouge, LA

October 2019                     AMTA National                                  Indianapolis, IN

February 2020                    AMTA LA Chapter                            Baton Rouge, LA

August 2022                       AMTA National                               Cleveland, OH

March 2023                       AMTA LA Chapter                               Kenner, LA

August 2023                       AMTA National                                 Phoenix, AZ


AMTA Positions Held

2016-2018                            AMTA Newsletter/web chair

2018-2020                            AMTA Convention Registration

2018-2021                            AMTA Louisiana Chapter Secretary

2022- current                         AMTA Louisiana Chapter President

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